• By Redwire
  • Posted October 5th, 2016

How to Keep Your Business Safe After Hours


Owning and operating a company of your own can be quite exciting. However, if you have a brick-and-mortar establishment, you must make sure that your business is secure when nobody is there. Doing so protects your inventory, employees, customers and business contacts. The minimal investment of resources required to provide business security after hours will pay off in the end.

Secure Your Garbage

Thieves are patient opportunists who have no qualms about dumpster diving. Not only will these people look around the area surrounding the dumpster, they will climb inside and methodically go through your waste searching for credit card numbers or other information that can be used for their financial gain.

    Minimize the security risk by:

  • Shred all documents with personal information or use a document shredding service
  • Break down boxes for new equipment and place in the bottom of the dumpster
  • Secure the dumpster with a bar lock; do not allow employees to remove the key from business property
  • Do not pile garbage around the dumpster when full

Utilize Smart Lighting

Criminals love to operate in dark, shadowy places. Make sure that the exterior of your building has appropriate lighting so thieves cannot easily hide. In addition to the entryways, you should also make sure that your parking lot and dumpster have adequate light.

To reduce long-term costs, consider using solar powered lights when possible. Also, set your lights on a timer so the area stays lit at night. While lights that turn off and on based on the level of sunlight can be useful, thieves can temporarily disable them with a burst of light, compromising your business security after hours efforts.

Consider using a few light sources indoors as well. This will make it possible for people on the street to see movement inside the building. If you or a concerned associate notices strange after-hours activity, you can contact the authorities without confronting the intruder yourself.

Acquaint Yourself with Nearby Businesses

Many residential neighborhoods have created neighborhood watch programs to keep an eye out for each other. You can accomplish something similar by developing positive relationships with the people who work around you. Not only should you and your staff know who owns these nearby businesses, you need to make sure that these people know who you are and who belongs in your business, particularly after-hours.

Depending on the buildings and companies around you, it is possible that you could speak with other managers to arrange for a business style neighborhood watch. Although the state of Florida is gorgeous, it is also high in crime. You are likely to find other conscientious people who are aware of the troubling statistics and are willing to join a program to keep all of the companies safer.

"Owning and operating a company of your own can be quite exciting. However, if you have a brick-and-mortar establishment, you must make sure that your business is secure when nobody is there."

Install a Security Alarm System

An important part of business security after hours is having a good security alarm system installed. Most companies will provide stickers that you can proudly display in your windows, letting thieves know that you are not an easy target. In fact, many of them will pass by your company in search of an easier mark.

When you have a security system installed, make sure that all entryways and weak areas are covered. Clever thieves may look for unsecured ways to enter the building, such as through the basement or attic areas. This is why you need to have motion detectors that cover entire rooms, not just window and door alarms.

    You can rest more comfortably knowing that you and the proper authorities are notified immediately in the case of an intruder. Other benefits of a high-quality alarm system include:

  • Reduced insurance rates
  • Emergency button for use by employees in the case of an intruder or fire
  • Fast response from the alarm company and the police

Make Certain Windows and Doors Are Secured

Even with an alarm system, your employees should be instructed to check all entryways before the office is closed for the day. In fact, the windows should be locked during business hours in any unoccupied room. This will prevent someone from slipping into the facility and hiding until everyone is gone.

Keep your business and your associates safe and secure by implementing the best business security after hours practices.