• By Redwire
  • Posted October 3rd, 2016

Key Indicators Telling You Its Time to
Upgrade Your Security System


Security in a System

Every 15 minutes another burglary occurs in the United States. Theft accounts for some 70.8 percent of all property crimes. Theft and burglaries victimize business and residential owners each day. How can you prevent your employees, family members, property or personal items from becoming a part of another traumatizing statistic? The value and attention you place on having a functioning security system on your commercial property or residency can mean the difference between experiencing no emotional or financial damage to possibly incurring thousands of dollars in damage due to theft or burglary. (www.fbi.gov)

Current and working security systems can act as a deterrent against criminal activity. Homes without security systems are almost 3 times more likely to fall victim to burglary. In 2014, property owners lost an estimated 5.5 billion dollars due to theft. Another 3.9 billion dollars in property losses were credited to burglaries. How can you put a stop to property crime in your area? The solution lies in investing in security system upgrades business or residential.

Disturbing Statistics for Locals

Locally, Florida residential and business owners suffer too much at the hand of larcenists. Those who live in the Miami-Dade County are victims to the highest amount of property crimes in the entire state of Florida. Leon County despite its smaller population has the highest property crime rate per 100,000 people. Property crime rates increased in the 2014/2015 year for the almost 300,000 who live in that region (www.fdle.state.fl.us). Combating this disturbing trend is imperative in keeping your neighborhood, business or residence safe from potential emotional and financial damage. Formulating a workable strategy to safe-guard what you value by upgrading your security system is the first step in the right direction. Below are a few indications that you may be in need of a security system upgrade.

It’s Time to Upgrade Your Security System When:

  • No upgrades to your security hardware or software have been done for some time
  • Your system has a 2G wireless communicator
  • Wired sensors are used on your doors and windows
  • Your business operations have undergone recent changes
  • Camera monitors are antiquated/low-resolutionRemote access has not been incorporated into your security system
  • Remote access has not been incorporated into your security system.
  • Home owners don’t have smart home technology
  • The current surveillance video technology falls short by limited storage space

"Every 15 minutes another burglary occurs in the United States. Theft accounts for some 70.8 percent of all property crimes."

The “Whys” to Security System Upgrades, Business or Residential:

  • The term “state of the art” is definitely meaningful and applicable to the current condition of your security system. Criminals are constantly trying to break the “security code.” It’s important to periodically upgrade your security hardware and software. Larcenists make it their business to find ways to infiltrate outdated security systems and for their effort will help themselves to your personal belongings.
  • Say no to 2G wireless communicators and yes to 4G. Cellphone companies are currently in the process of replacing 2G towers with 4G technology. Skip the technology complications and bring your security system into the 4G century to avoid debilitating service gaps.
  • Criminals are getting more savvy and inventive with their tactics. Skilled thieves have discovered how to dismantle wire sensors with a few well-placed cuts. Thankfully there are modern more fool-proof wireless sensors available. Cut out the wires and you cut out the potential for an easy break-in.
  • When it comes to businesses, the dynamic is constantly changing. Transitions and adjustments are continually in full-swing as some employees stay-on and some leave. Breaches in security become an issue as access cards, keys, pin numbers, change hands or are misplaced, or never returned. If such changes occur upgrades are needed to keep the security system functional and effective.
  • Another reason as to why security system upgrades business or residential are essential to your peace of mind comes in the form of establishing quality video resolution. Any chances of catching a theft in process or procuring justice by facial recognition of thievery are slim when high-definition video is not a part of your security regimen. Blurry or grainy video allow thieves to escape unheeded.
  • Remote access and smart home technology bring you convenience at the touch of a button. Having the technology available to check on your personal property from anywhere in the world is mind-blowing. When you can view in-house or business live video, set or disarm alarms, turn on or off appliances or electronic devices, or lock or unlock doors to your home or business it does wonders for your peace of mind.
  • Ensuring your video data surveillance is stored and continually recording is vital to the function and security of your system. Since surveillance data takes up quite a bit of data, it’s important to boost storage capacity and up-date your video data efficiency.

For more tips and info on security system upgrades business or residential check out Redwire and discover the protection you need.