• By Redwire
  • Posted October 1st, 2016

How Access Control Will Make Your Building Safer


Keeping your company safe from unauthorized entry can be very tough. Intruders may try and gain entry in many different ways. Former employees who no longer have access may try and gain entry if you have cut their authorization. Maintaining the control of who enters your business doors is very important to the safety and integrity of your business no matter what the size.

What is Access Control?

Access control is a feature of security that allows you to keep control of who enters and exits your business through-out the day and night. This feature will help maintain the safety that you enjoy by ensuring who enters your business. Your security is vital to the heartbeat of your business. Access control maintains the list of who and why people come in and out of your building.

A detailed list of employees and permission levels is easily kept with Access Control. This list is an actual fingerprint of who enters and exits your business labeling them by time, date and which door they entered. Your security is monitored real time by experts who will keep you completely up to date with email notifications instantly showing you the details of who enters or exits your facility. You can manage multiple sites with this security feature.

Keeping My Business Safe with Access Control

It is easy to maintain the control of who enters and exits your businesses with access control because it is micromanaged through any browser. Security experts will manage your access levels and authorization leaving you free to manage other aspects of your business easily. Instantly maintain your employees entrance and access codes and permissions allowing you to move freely and change access without the hassle of waiting. This privilege also denies entry to dangerous or unwanted intruders from entering your business to do harm in any fashion.

Your employees will also feel the freedom of being protected from intruders who attempt to harass or bother through unauthorized entry. It is a protection feature to be able to show which doors that anyone attempted to gain entry through unauthorized access. This is especially safer for your business if you or your employees handle valuable merchandise or cash on a daily basis.

"Keeping your company safe from unauthorized entry can be very tough. Intruders may try and gain entry in many different ways."

Detailed Security with Access Control

Security is handled with detailed permissions and the level of threat by those who can no longer have entry into your business. These permissions can be updated instantly and protect you and your employees from disgruntled former employees.

Saving money on changing your locks is a very cost saving feature using access control in your security. More features such as presetting the level of threat on those who would gain entry are key benefits to access control for your business security. Keeping those people out who would violate the access granted is very important. If you do business in a secret manner that is held in direct competition with other businesses, it is important to maintain the secrecy of your production techniques from the competition. Real time Access Control allows you the privilege of many details so you can accurately determine threats and permissions immediately.

Determine Your Security Levels

Keeping your business safe twenty four hours a day and seven days a week is possible. In fact, it is easy to maintain with a security company who monitors every detail of who enters and exits your business. Your employees count on the safety of your facility. Access control helps you maintain high levels of security to protect from unauthorized access entry into your business at all times. Giving the security you need and they deserve.